May 03, 2005

Cruise & Holmes Astrology

Even the astrologer at Star IQ is not buying TomKat, but says so in a softly scientific, oh-so-polite kind of way.

“Katie Holmes was born an ethical Sagittarius (December 18, 1978; Toledo, OH; time unknown), with her Moon in regal Leo. Katie's Venus in Scorpio is strongly placed by virtue of the many aspects to other placements. The conjunction with Uranus gives a sexual magnetism that comes across clearly on-screen, while the supportive sextiles to Saturn and Pallas in Capricorn (Saturn's sign) give her depth and guidance from her elders.

In Katie's life, the elder role has fallen onto her father, who is also her lawyer, and tends to chase away would-be boyfriends. The Capricorn-Saturn influence on her effusive sexuality (Venus-Uranus) has tempered her willingness to be intimate without the sanction of marriage. This moral principle is a deeply personal challenge, and can be seen astrologically by her Venus squaring Juno, the marriage asteroid.

At the moment, transiting Neptune is conjunct her Juno (and square her Venus), highlighting this no-sex dilemma. Neptune is a master at dissolving firm boundaries, and last week Tom played his part by sending her jewelry, roses, and 40 Armani outfits. In any case, with or without Tom's attention, we should be seeing much more of Katie Holmes as transiting Pluto is nearing her Sun, which is often a transformative shift into fame.”


LJ said...

It's not TomKat, but I will be featuring a vintage "brush with pre-celebrity" with photos on my blog in the next couple of days. Today's post has a clue. Hope you'll visit and enjoy.

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