May 17, 2005

Eva Longoria

J.C. Chasez is toast because the stars say so. And her “likely reign” over the other Housewives will put Pluto in the path of a slap down from Marcia Cross’ PR folks.

Eva Longoria’s Venus
Last week Latina sexpot Eva Longoria topped Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list of the most successful women in the entertainment business. The brash actress, who plays the mischievous Gabrielle on ABC's hit satire Desperate Housewives, recently commented, "I love being sexy and feeling sexy. But the best thing about being a woman is the power we have over men."

Eva Longoria was born an alluring Pisces (March 15, 1975; Corpus Christi, TX; time unknown) with her Venus in assertive Aries. Fame and fortune have arrived for this lucky combination since transiting Pluto is at 24º Sagittarius.

Pluto will remain in this degree area through the end of 2006, providing a time frame for Eva's likely reign over the rest of the Desperate Housewives. Transiting Pluto trine her Venus intensifies her love nature and sex appeal, while transiting Pluto's square to her Sun may be personally challenging due to all the media attention and film offers she will be getting.

Eva's Venus is further enhanced over the coming year with a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction with her progressed Sun. The Sun-to-Venus connection is traditionally associated with finding true love, but in modern times is more likely to bring her a passionate, new love affair. Her current romantic interest is ‘N Sync musician J.C. Chasez, but with her progressed Venus in restless Gemini and forming a sharp aspect to excitable Uranus, the astrologer suspects she's about to find someone new.

It's National Beard Day at New York Daily News, starring:
Eva Longoria
Ryan Seacrest (4th item down)
And Elijah Wood, as the Beaver:
Hipster hobbit Elijah Wood snuck some kisses with a slightly taller brunette on Seventh St. and Avenue B...

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