June 03, 2005

BELT & Felt

I'd like to introduce you to MELT’s Brother Blog.

The day after JFK was assassinated, Jackie gave extensive taped interviews about exactly what happened and what she knew. They are locked away from public consumption until 50 years after her death. I'm hoping to live long enough to read the transcripts. That is my most anticipated political secret.

With Deep Throat, my 2nd most-anticipated political secret has been revealed, and after marveling at Felt's saga, it's anti-climactic. I'm now trying to avoid the wet spots left behind with all this press self-love, and choking on the deep irony of them having once toppled an evil empire while purposely ignoring today’s presidential manipulation and corruption. Nixon and Watergate radically altered the
country's fabric in great ways and small, but obviously didn't change the news media’s play book much past those few winning seasons. After its brief moment of truth and bravery, the only thing the press has learned in the 30-odd years since is how to pick up where the Hollywood Studio System’s PR departments left off. Welcome back, Deep Throat! Washington D.C. (Hollywood East) just adores a triumphant return.

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