January 15, 2012

James Spader is Fat, and It's OK?

James Spader got fat and it makes me sad.
Above left is James Spader from 1989's Sex, Lies and Videotape, and above right is Mr. Spader from the January 12, 2012 episode of The Office.

It was brave of him to don that formfitting workout suit in the pursuit of comedy, but then we can see just how fat James Spader is, and it makes me angry.

I'm sure Delta Burke is now at peace with her body, but maybe she sees something like this and still feels a tinge of anger at all the grief she had to suffer through because she stopped starving herself.

Do actresses over 40 who starve themselves into social X-rays see this and wonder if it's OK for them to have some cheese popcorn, just a few handfuls, maybe?

James Spader, Alec Baldwin and Val Kilmer are the three biggest examples of working actors who were once ultra hot but who have let themselves go. I have run across some places making whale jokes about Val when he was photographed flopping on the beach, and that was just as fair as all the nasty remarks about Kirstie Alley. But tally the points of Val vs. Kirstie fat cracks for statics on the injustice of double standards.

The long-standing double standards of male vs. female fatties is no longer acceptable because of the number of female voices now in the media. To that end, kudos to Glamour magazine's campaign to include normal-sized models in their fashion layouts. Now let's take it a step further with an article about what a big fat drag it is to see James Spader rubbing his big fat tummy!

Christina Aguilera has let herself spread out, and it's the focus of a Marie Claire cover article. Why isn't Alec Baldwin on the cover of Men's Health as the warning signs of a heart attack waiting to happen?

James Spader again goes for the laugh offering up a tray of Oreo cookies, but it's irritating to see him displaying his downfall without any further retribution.

I've read comments about how sad it is to see what Brigitte Bardot has become, but keep in mind she's old and is no longer in the business. She's living a normal life, and getting heavy and getting old happens to everyone, outside of Hollywood, right? But when you're a steadily working actor that was once a white hot symbol of heart-stopping sex, it's just sad to see it blow up in your face. And that it happens free of the snarky side-eye that an actress peer has to endure.

Oh well. James Spader is no longer hot, he's just fat. Let's look back at what we've lost:


timetraveler said...

True, James has left himself go again. I say again because he was very over weight back around June 2009 and then lost most of it by November 2009 for his Broadway debut. He looked great with very little left around the middle; he gained back some of the pounds by the end of his run in June 2010, but he still looked very good! Then came about a year of down time until he started working again and the weight was back. The good news is he can shed the weight when he puts his mind to it, but I think it takes a lot of work for him to keep his weight in check and he is just tired of having to work that hard. He likes being a character actor so perhaps he is no longer interested in being a sexy leading man. For his health though I wish he would lose 25 pounds or so. He has a 3 year old at home and it would be nice if he was around to see him into manhood and beyond.

M and A Legal Management said...

ahhh...i never really knew of Spader until Boston Legal....LOVE LOVE LOVE his role along with "Denny Crane" I think watching it on DVD helped me get through in Iraq. Who cares about his weight, except for his health and his child...other than that; the guy is great...hoep he can revisit the Shore role again.


Linda said...

Okay, the man was definitely hot in his younger days, and seeing him bloat up on Boston Legal steadily over time was a bit of an adjustment for the eyes. Truthfully though, his girth added a new dimension to his acting abilities. It really gave him a lot of depth and sophistication.

I loved Alan Shore. He was a little pudgy but still very attractive and desirable. If he had stayed looking like that , I wouldn't have minded at all.

But NOW...he looks absolutely creepy. He's bald, out and out fat, and looks a little bit like a really rotund Hannibal Lector. I agree with the author here. Gives us a break Spader, lose some weight (and visit Sy Sperling too while you're at it! You were just too hot to let yourself go now. Yeesh, look at Michael Douglas. He's up in years, but he's a silver fox...that's what you could and should be.

Nancy Liedel said...

People get older and things happen. He appears to have been on steroids, like Prednisone, maybe not, but it leads to a weight gain like he had.I'm guessing and that's what it is. Is it okay he is heavy? Why not? I don't expect people to look the same forever. Why do we put that on actors? It's not fair. We really need to stop judging people by what they look like, but what they bring to the table and top acting is always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Men just don't care and I don't either. There's tons of fat women now. Honestly I think some women need to learn what real confidence is because all I hear anymore is whining. "oh men can do this but we can't!". Quit it already and grow up. I can't get free drinks and free cover at every club and I'm an attractive man. Honestly does it ruin my life? No.

mrs.Bond said...

I actually newer knew him before Boston Legal... And when I saw his pictures how he looked before, I didn't like it.. if I knew him then he wouldn't be my type at all... He looked way to boyish and had a hair like some moovie star for young girls to adore him.. Yes It was a bit of shock to see him bold in " The Black List" but he didn't loose anything.. He is still a very very intersting actor, had his special sexepill and I eould definitelly like to have a chat and a coffee with him ( Im happyly married so that's why I won't like anything else) LOL... And also he have great voice and I like his way he pronounce certain letters( maybe because I am foreign ) Spader is still very very sexy man...only what I didn't like about him is that he cheated on hos older first wife to be with much younger lady..but hey that is the Hoolywood for you..

Pamela Myers-Lewis said...

Still a hottie!

becky harrison said...

James Spader was the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. I first remember him from "Sex, Lies, and Videotape." He and I are the same age. His every mannerism is sexy, even blinking his eyes. Sexuality exudes from him. Forget Brad Pitt, & George Clooney. They may be attractive but they don''t come close to what he had. They are mere men. He had something special that words can't begin to describe. I thought he still looked good on "The Office" although I only saw a few episodes. His new show now, he is totally unrecognizable. Someone should take a DNA sample. His voice is totally different, (deeper) and he shaved his head. His mannerisms are different, and obviously he has gained much weight. He is too young, sexy and handsome to just let himself go. Alec Baldwin is at least recognizable and handsome. I'm not a VK fan. I'm not saying these things to be mean. I know it gets difficult in your 50's. He can afford personal cook and personal trainers. One would think that would be a tremendous help. We really don't know about other's struggles. Aside from him being sexy & handsome, he has always been and still is a fabulous actor.

TheVeganMom said...

He's hot, any age any weight. Hot is something that you are, not something you can become or un-become with weight gain/loss. Step one: don't be a superficial retard. Step two: have something interesting to offer the world. Step three: Be James Spader.

becky harrison said...

You are wrong YRH VEGAN MOMNESS. Hot is superficial. Let's just be honest here. Most vegans in many ways are not honest.
Just one example, a Tofu Turkey, is not a turkey. When will vegan's accept the fact, that in order for them to live something must die, be it plant or animal. Plants have feelings and suffer, too. If you don't believe me, do a little research.
You say hot at any weight. If a beautiful woman is hot, becomes anorexic, and weighs 80 pounds at say 5'7", is she still hot?