September 25, 2005

Marilyn's Rebel Yell?

Present political problems and dire future trends for our country had me in a dour mood as I drove to work. Usually, a quick glance at the MM Gallery is good for a brief respite. But not on this parituclar morning...
...the sound of a needle dragging violently across the vinyl...
It's bloody Billy Idol in the Marilyn window?!?!?!

Previously, Kabbaz has put another in the sacred window shrine: Maria Callas.
And I know he paints portraits of other artists that mean something deep to him.
Maria Callas, Janis Joplin, Billy Idol...
To quote Sesame Street, "one of these things is not like the other/one of these things just doesn't belong..."

Not that I have anything against Billy Idol. He's always been GQ Punk, and I truly think there's a need for that. Plus, his guitarist Steve Stevens was always an entertaining glam pop guitar shredder. But what deeper meaning does he have for an artist like Kabbaz?
Is the sneer a social or political comentary (as it was for me that particular morning)?
But when a sneer is someone's trademark schtick, does it count?
Kabbaz has pulled me ever-deeper into his mystery.