August 17, 2006

A Dictator & A Don

Fidel Castro is an expiring creature, so they tarted him up in a track suit and clown makeup in a half-hearted attempt to assure Cuba that he's still in charge. Along with fantasies about traveling to Cuba in 2007, I wondered why that AP photo of Fidel kept poking at the Cultural Connection section of my brain.

Hours later, the connection roared onto the radar screen:
Fidel reminds me of Uncle Junior Soprano.

The analogy is absolutely poetic. A don and a dictator, both of them feeble lion kings who now only hinder their pack. Where they once ruled with fear, they are now only accorded begrudging respect because once they were King of the Jungle. And both men have close family that rarely shows up at the convalescence home because they're too busy manning the herd while the lion sleeps tonight.

Cuba Libre!
Viva Sopranos!
And both of their funerals will play out like a lit match landing in gasoline.
And now it's time talk with a travel agent...