November 11, 2006

Lopez & Clooney: Hollywood Perfection

Here is Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney on November 9th, at Tony Bennett's 80th birthday celebration. The sheer perfection of this moment took my breath away. While simmering down from the 1000x star wattage, I reflect on how Out Of Sight, the Steven Soderbergh movie they co-starred in, is one of my ultra-favorite movies. I've seen it, easily, 10 times, with my most recent viewing being about 3 weeks ago. Everything about it is great, from the cinematography to Don Cheadle to the smoldering and energizing chemistry between Clooney & Lopez. Sure wish they'd team up for another movie... J.Lo's movie career could sure use a boost like that.

And the photo triggered a subliminal comparison with the golden age of Hollywood. Who do they remind me of?

Ah yes! Sophia Loren & Cary Grant. So, now I'm asking Hollywood:
Please work up a remake of Houseboat with Clooney & Lopez. Lopez has already done the maid thing, and Clooney is the 21st century Cary grant, so this is a no-brainer.