January 14, 2007

Eddie Izzard & Judi Dench

New issue of Entertainment Weekly
First Thought at First Glance:
What is Eddie Izzard doing on the cover with Mirren & Streep?
Second Thought:
Oops, that's Judi Dench.
Third Thought:
Probably the first and last time we'll ever see ladies with their natural, aging faces on the cover of this magazine.

But here's proof that present-day Dame Judi and mid-period Eddie Izzard do share a certain look.
The inside photo of Dench is even more Izzard-esque. Which is far from an insult to either performer. From my perspective, Dame Dench resembling Eddie Izzard gives her a certain cool cache I'd never attributed to her before. And casting directors should take note of this for any future British Mother/Son casting needs.