February 02, 2008

Ode to Fabulon

While doing research with a nice stack of Vogue magazines from the very early 1960s, the above ad made my spine tingle because it was so fierce.
My first thought: is that a drag queen?
My second thought: this is so Fabulon.

Fabulon is my favorite non-celebrity gossip blog because it covers everything else that's just as crucial to my upkeep. In quick, bite-sized chunks, he either eggs on my favorite cultural obsessions or exposes me to new ones (I've always adored Zsa Zsa, naturally, but pink poodles are the newest craze!). On cold rainy days, I used to flip through old Cosmopolitan magazines to fell better. Nowadays, I scroll Fabulon.
Cher Bless You, Thombeau.

Moving away from my early Valentine's to Fabulon... LOOK AT THIS!

From the same April 1961 issue of Vogue, the perfect spring outfit from White Stag. Everything about this ensemble - from paisley to skort to the white accessories - is what I need in my closet right now!

Could the ladies' clothing retailers please get over their endless tape loop of mid-70s re-treads and copycat some early 1960s for me? Please?