January 19, 2009

Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery?

Bruce Springsteen looked rather good at the 2009 Golden Globes. When he came onstage to accept his award, he actually looked better than Sting (who looked like Hobo Jones). But The Boss looked so different that it has to be surgically enhanced, and surely the press would be all over that in the following days.

Nope. A Google search for "bruce springsteen plastic surgery" brings up nothing useful, whereas a search for "bruce springsteen hair transplant" brings up a wealth of goodies... we'll get to that in a moment.

So, if the media at large won't bite, I will. Let's take a look at...

...The Boss on the cover of Spin in 2007. Contrast that with the top picture, and we see the lower half of face looking much fuller.

In 1986 he was Steve Guttenberg-esque...

...and in 2009 he's rather Neil Diamond.

In Spring of 2007 he looks tired and craggy, in the best sort of way.

In December of 2008 he looks rested and fabulous.

You can cruise any of a thousand Springsteen websites for a host of pictures of him through the years. The one constant is the triangular shape of his face. Suddenly, it's oval.

His forehead does not appear overly Botoxed, his eyes are not noticeably lifted. We know it's still him, but something is definitely different, and evidence shows The Boss is not immune to cosmetic enhancements.

By 2003, he finally had enough of fretting over thinning hair and did something about it. The various stages of his hair rejuvenation are a common fan topic. The Boss should help out his loyal guy fans who are aging right along with him and reveal the magic of successfully growing hair where none was before.

No disrespect meant to Bruce, just noting the obvious. Most famous folk are not as candid as Deborah Harry about cosmetic enhancement being a sound business decision, and it's different for guys, especially when you're the champion of The Everyman.

Even with the hair rejuvenation, Bruce was letting himself age naturally, and it looked good. But now that he's getting ready for another major album, major tour and major lawsuit with Kiss, something told Bruce to spruce up his face.

It must be noted that whatever face work he had done is excellent, the best money can buy. And I'm sure after a few drinks at the Globes after party, Bruce quietly shared the name of his doctor with his new BFF Mickey Rourke. And I hope he's kind enough to pass on the name as needed, because it's not often that someone gets to look fabulous while still basically looking their age.