December 14, 2009

It's a Rough Shop Christmas

12.12.09 The 6th annual Rough Shop Christmas Show at The Focal Point was, once again, ultra magical. Actually, the entire journey was magical.

It started with recording the CD that became Just Because It Was Christmas.
You should buy it here.

There was a stop at the KDHX studios to record 4 of the songs from the instant classic album. Listen to them here.

And after a whirlwind week of rehearsing, the show went down with gusto and glee.
Here's photos from the event.

And thanks to Roy Kasten, there's excellent video of all the performances that night.

And here's some lesser-quality video shot by Steve Scariano on my crappy digital camera:

That's me in the red Liza dress, Kate Eddens with the red feathers and Anne Tkach on bass, which completes the Gift Trio.

That's Kate Eddens doing a Rough Shop original by Andy Ploof and John Wendland.

That's John Wendland singing the hell out of a Paul Kelly song! And my deep thanks to John and all of Rough Shop for the honor of being part of their Christmas music magic. They make it the reason for the season.

And Bonus footage: