May 28, 2007

Farewell, Charles Nelson Reilly

As Bob Barker's retirement is just days away, I've been wallowing in nostalgic television research, which naturally brought Charles Nelson Reilly into the equation. I'm just a tad freaked that as I've been remembering how much laughter he brought me as a kid, he then ups and leaves this mortal coil. I have promptly ceased all thoughts of Brett Somers and Richard Dawson, hoping to avoid a Dies-In-Threes Match Game smack down.

From Horatio J. Hoodoo on Lidsville, to Match Game to Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In to my beloved Love American Style, Charles Nelson Reilly was like a 1970s prototype of Where's Waldo? He constantly popped up everywhere on TV, and it was always a treat when he did. Just like Paul Lynde, there was true humor for everyone of every age and awareness, and that's how it's supposed to work. A sad and fond farewell to a true entertainer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely picture. I read one article, that started out well, with news that David Hyde Pierce was going to be hosting a tribute to the actor/comedian, but then, someone had to go and say, "David Hyde Pierce is OFFICIALLY gay." Why do we have to know what's going on in the bedrooms of celebs?! I have enough nightmares, trying to keep Britney spears' tabloid doings at bay.

Sorry for spoiling your tribute. Again, thanks!