July 07, 2005

Rove, Kravitz & Gabor

Reporter Matt Cooper decides to cooperate with the judge because his potentially treasonous source said he could, while another writer (Judy Miller) would rather sit in jail than reveal who the potentially treasonous person is. Now, it’s not hard to find information on who this potentially treasonous source is reported to be.

While it would be wonderful to speed up the outcome on this Watergate Re-enactment, something isn’t making sense to me. If it is Rove, then it’s already been revealed and why is Miller protecting a leaked source? And if Cooper and Miller are talking about the same person, then why does Miller have to sit in jail for not naming the person Cooper is going to name?

I’m confused by the cat and mouse aspects of this play, and irritated by this:
"This investigation - whether it intended to or not - is intimidating sources and journalists," said Jane Kirtley, professor of media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota. "In a climate of increasing secrecy, it raises a question of whether the people will be reduced to just getting the official line from the government."

She’s innocently wondering in future tense while it’s already happening, and this latest chapter feels like an escalation towards the plot’s climax. This newest event is the right hand playing games with the left hand, a solo game of Spy vs. Spy, and it certainly reeks of Rove.

Which reminds me of Lenny Kravitz publicly launching his design firm. I consider his hit-making career one of the great-unsolved mysteries of popular music, because his melodies are uninspired retreads and his lyrics are so moronic as to make Sammy Hagar seem a Rhodes Scholar. I flinch to think of the same people who purposely buy his albums paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to have something like this done to their homes. Or to look on the bright side, maybe he really is good at interior design, and this will keep him too busy to ever record again.

The truly sad news is that Zsa Zsa Gabor is fading fast. She’s been conspicuously absent since a car accident in 2002. If she can’t be full-on Zsa Zsa for us, then she won’t do it all. I respect her decision, and her logic. Aside from being a Serial Bride (“A girl must marry for love and keep on marrying until she finds it”), she was a professional talk show guest during the 70s and 80s (“How many husbands have I had? You mean apart from my own?”), and one of the last of a rapidly dying breed: The Raconteur.
I miss you already, dahling.


flyte44 said...

I never really understood Lenny's lyrics until I read them. I still don't get them. THe kids in my 4th grade class do much better.

Darren Snow said...

Is that a Gacy clown in the Lenny interior you linked to? Good Lord. Musically, Lenny somehow stumbled ass-over-teakettle into three minutes of delicious riff-rock glory in "Are You Gonna Go My Way," but I can't fathom how he's managed to stay on the radio since then. Most of his hits have been dull, plodding, and--in one particularly baffling case--lo-fi enough to make Guided By Voices sound like Pink Floyd. But rest easy, Toby; at least Johnny Depp spirited Lenny's french pop-tart away from him. Is that karma enough?